The MBA board of directors has recently updated and made some important changes to its constitution to correct an error in the way representation on the Board of Directors had been organized. The primary rules for the organization of the board is as followed:

  • The MBA Executive Board now consists of greater than 10 members:
    • 3 members are the officers (President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer).
    • 3 members are At-large Directors that represent each of the membership levels (hobbyist, sideliner and commercial beekeepers) for MBA.
    • Each affiliate club will be allowed representation on the MBA Board.

In order to gain representation on the board, your local club must become formally recognized by the MBA Executive board. All clubs wishing to gain affiliation with MBA will be voted on by the Executive Board on the during a business meeting after the necessary information is submitted. Please send the following information into Cheryl Yeagley ( by the deadline of April 30, 2015.

  • List of officers. The list should include with contact information for each officer. Contact information should include email, phone number and mailing address. Please describe how officers are periodically replaced. You do not need to supply a copy of bylaws, but please tell us how you plan to elect new officers.
  • Starting date of the club. Please tell us when the club was formed and when the first meeting occurred.
  • Meeting schedule and location. Please tell us the specific location for your regular meetings. Also, how often do you meet? Some clubs may only meet quarterly, while others may meet monthly (e.g. the 1st Thursday of every month).
  • Average attendance. Please estimate the average number of people that attend your regular meetings.