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  1. Jan Sturdivant
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    I am planning on coming to the convention. Mailing the form today. Jan Sturdivant

  2. David Buck
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    To: Johnny Thompson
    From: David Buck
    Subj: Specialty License Plate

    Johnny – I would like to request to make a short presentation to the board about a Specialty License Plate for Mississippi Beekeepers sometime around our state convention. I believe it would benefit our association members as well as bringing a positive image to the public. I have a PowerPoint presentation I could give or simply just print the handouts and present that to the board. Also, I spoke with Dr. Harris at the Fairgrounds yesterday evening and he thought the best channel of funds/effort would be through the MS Extension Service. If possible, I would like to see if we could get him to attend this presentation as well. My intentions are strictly to help the beekeepers in Mississippi and to promote a positive image for our clubs and beekeepers in the state. I’ve spoken with Stan Yeagley and he suggested I contact you for this request. Finally, I would be glad to forward you a copy of my presentation in advance if you like for your consideration. Thank you.

    David Buck
    5228 Kaywood Dr
    Jackson, MS 39211
    Cell 601-613-3282


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