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Proposed Amendments for Annual Business Meeting:

Proposed Changes to Article V and VI of the Constitution: ARTICLE V. LOCAL CLUB AFFILIATION Section 1. LOCAL CLUB AFFILIATION Each locally established beekeeping association shall be entitled to recognition as an affiliate of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association.  Each local beekeeping association shall submit a written request to the Executive Committee asking for recognition as an affiliate member of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association.  It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to determine whether the local beekeeping association does qualify as an affiliate of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association.  The status conferred shall be as follows: Mississippi Beekeepers’Association Affiliate.  If the local beekeeping association is recognized as an affiliate of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association, then the local beekeeping association shall receive written notification of such and shall maintain that status so long as the local association remains active.  The Executive Committee shall retain the right to revoke the affiliate status in the event that the local beekeeping association ceases to remain active for a period of 12 months or more.  In addition to dues as set by the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association, local club affiliates shall have the right to set local membership fees by the governing body of the local association.  Local Club Affiliates are expected to encourage membership in the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association.  Local Club Affiliates are further expected to maintain an organizing document (Constitution, By-Laws, Etc.) setting up the structure of the local beekeeping association. ARTICLE VI.   COMMITTEES 1. ELECTIVE A. Executive Committee The Executive Committee shall consist of members in good standing to consist of the following: 1. President 2. Vice President 3. Secretary 4. Treasurer (In the event that the Secretary and Treasure offices have been combined, this seat shall be considered an at-large seat to be appointed by the president from the membership.) 5. One (1) member of each of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association Affiliates (A.K.A. local beekeeping association) to be elected by each Affiliate. 6. One (1) at-large hobby member to be appointed by the president from the membership of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association. 7. One (1) at-large commercial member to be appointed by the president from the membership of the Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association. The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to carry out the purposes of this Association. By-Laws Changes: 3. The annual membership dues in this Mississippi Beekeepers’ Association shall be payable at the time of the annual meeting for the next succeeding year and shall be set as follows: Name # of Hives Vote Status Dues A. Associate Member (0 hives) non-voting $2.00 B. Hobby Member (1 – 50 hives) voting $35.00 C. Sideline Member (51-500 hives) voting $35.00 C. Commercial Member (501 + hives) voting $50.00

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