Friday, October 26th

Hobbyist Sessions:
12:00 Registration, Welcome, Invocation, Pledge and Dignitaries
12:30 Michael Simone-Finstrom–Propolis—“A sticky hive is a healthy hive”
2:00 Randy Oliver—Randy’s Research Updates
3:45 Michael Simone-Finstrom—Using bee behavior to our advantage: Breeding better

Sideliner/Commercial Round Table:
12:30 Ag Commissioner Andy Gipson—Round Table
2:00 Randy Oliver– Honeybee Nutrition—Main Auditorium
3:45 Randy Olliver—Open roundtable “Bee-brain picking”—Managing operational
decisions based on biology


Saturday, October 27th

Hobbyist Sessions:
8:00 Registration and introductions
8:30 Randy Oliver—The Changing Face of Varroa Management
10:15 Dan Aurell—BIP Field Tech—Visual Identification of common brood diseases
1:00 Harry Fulton—How and when to make splits

Sideliner/Commercial Round Table:
8:30 Dan Aurell—BIP Real world applications in Commercial operations
10:15 Randy Oliver—Discussion of varroa management strategies
1:00 Logan Clancey—The B APP, Technology for the Modern Beekeeper

3:00 MBA Business Meeting